A whole host of stuff is in store for you to engage with the Alumni Association activities. Below is a list of things that you can explore and get involved in. But this is not all; the platform is thrown open to you. Come up with ideas that will help us do a great job in bringing value onto the table. So what could you do to start off?

Touch base with your alumni chapter
Foremost, you need to get in touch with the Alumni Chapter of your city. You can engage yourself with the Chapter activities and that will keep you in constant contact with the Association. Locate your chapter and get going!

Network with the alumni community
Find your friends, your batch mates, alumni who have the same interests as you, interact with alumni who work in the same industry as yours, network and what not. Let’s be well connected and be there as a strong support base for all of us. Register on Alumni website and make most of it.

Address the students
The current students are indeed a curious lot who want to hear from veterans about the practical world of business. The current students will love it ifAlumni could come down to the campus and have an interactive session.

Mentor a student
Love to share your experiences, the lessons that you learnt on your road to success, and help mould the future your junior batches? Mentor a student and be an inspiration. Write to Alumni team at their ID.

Contribute articles to the website
Our website could be a solid repertoire of information that will be shared by our alumni. We look forward to make this a credible space for expert opinions, views and knowledge sharing. Ponder over, here’s an opportunity to be a regular expert writer for our Alumni Articles column. Get Started!

Recruit, find jobs, help others find job at the Alumni website
This is one of the biggest advantages that alumni derive from involving with the Alumni Association. The website facilitates you to keep in constant touch with fellow alumni who are in various important positions across the world. This website could be your platform to get the best jobs and find the best people from among your friends @ PDPU/SPM. Start the hunt!

Engage with the Entrepreneur Cell of PDPU

Involve with the Placement Cell
Who else could know the pulse of placement and the enormity of importance attached to it other than the alumni? Take this opportunity to see placements from a different perspective. You could be a recruiter; you could refer your contacts to come down to the campus for recruiting, or be a mentor and a patron to help the entire placement engine work smart.

Campaign for PDPU/SPM
PDPU/SPM is a seat of education that has immense significance in moulding and influencing a better tomorrow. The Institute has a vision and mission that could be achieved only through constant support from all of us. Campaign for SPM/PDPU is a fund raising initiative that is aimed at providing the necessary financial backing to ensure that the aspirations of SPM/PDPU are realized.

Involve in Alumni Events and Institute Events
SPM/PDPU is host to numerous events like FLAIR, Annualfest, Petrocup, Catalyst, Reunion, Conclaves, Seminars etc. Be a part and we are sure you can make a difference with your presence.