SPM Annual Fest

School of Petroleum Management presents Annual Fest 2015, a national event, is a rich blend of academics, an anthem of high adrenaline rush and performing arts, a tussle of management strategies and decision making. It extends an opportunity to showcase your attitud..



Flare in the Oil and Gas Industry is a manifestation of the successful competition of a host of critical operations and heralds the beginning of a period of glory and prosperity. Just as an actual FLARE is effulgent and eye-catching from far away and serves as a guiding beacon on the horizon,thereb..


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ICEI – 2014

Robust infrastructure and sufficiency of energy are fundamental imperatives for development of any economy around the globe. Key determinant of economic and social sustainability is development of energy and infrastructure sector. The bi-annual ICOMPS focuses on the dynami..

3rd Convocation


University education is incomplete without being part of a ceremony called the Convocation. A student toils hard, day and night, learning the ways of life during his/her academic tenure, and this is the day when all the hard-work pays him/her back. SPM is particularly grateful for the cultural persp..